Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I was fascinated to hear research confirming that artists & musicians (right brain creatives) have a bigger “corpus collosum” than left brain thinkers. The corpus collosom is the nerve fibre that transmits data between both brain hemispheres.
You could almost say the right brain is like fertile ground…building “beanstalks for Jack” to climb to higher places!

With a little more investigation I also found out that women have a bigger corpus collosum than men. It’s not surprising.
Women have a tendency to use both sides of their brain as opposed to men who function mostly in the left. Women are equally functional in left brain skills, but constantly go back to their right brain where they access their “emotional, intuitive and nurturing” abilities. (All right brain attributes!)
One example is the fact that women communicate their feelings and emotions better than men. (Sometimes to their own detriment as the research suggests.)

This “healthy” right brain activity may also offer an explanation why women on average, live about 8 years longer than men.

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