Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Some people may find the "blogs of others" to be a bit pretentious,...perhaps those of us who maintain a blog, live with the delusion that hundreds of subscribers tune in to read about our daily adventures. I blog for two reasons (not because I possess great wisdom or have more insight than others):

1.) My website was not “built” by me, but by a friend named Ron Good* (a great harmonica player who also performed on my CD). Ron gave me the opportunity to contribute something fresh to my website, by means of a blog. This I can do....just "log in" and post some thoughts.

2.) My "blog" serves as another way to communicate with participants of our Tai Chi classes. (Fall sessions are starting soon!) Here I can write about how Tai Chi helps create a sense of well being & balance. I try and give specific examples the participants can relate to, so it doesn't sound like hippy-new-age "Yak-a-doodle-doo"!

I’m grateful for the times when I feel "in balance". I believe it’s the result of being able to pursue things I’m passionate playing the guitar for a living, practising my tai chi & calligraphy (by documenting my thoughts in a journal). These are some aspects of my life I like to post as blogs, regardless of whether anyone reads them or not.
(*you can check out Ron Good’s website @

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It was six years ago today that we sold our house in Calgary, loaded up our U-Haul and made our way to our new home in Peace River. As our oldest son Luke drove the family van, I drove the U-Haul truck. In the was just me, and our "pet frog" in his fish tank.

We left Calgary around midnight and drove all through the night. I wasn't able to get radio reception until somewhere near "Valleyview, AB." and I heard on the CBC news that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.

About an hour later, I heard on the news that another plane had crashed into the Trade Center. Exhausted from driving through the night this all seemed like a nightmare as I came to the sombre & shocking realisation that this was no accident.
While unloading furniture into our home we'd break for a moment to watch television news clips of this cowardly act of terrorism.

Today, on the 6th anniversary of this sense-less tragedy, my thoughts are with all my American friends.
I have the utmost respect for parents that raise “fully-functional” kids!

By fully functional, I mean children that have been “nurtured”, make good choices in life & seem to know how to survive in the world. They can cook their own meals, do their own laundry, and purchase their own ipods & “designer clothes” with money they have earned at their after school job. These kids are well on their way to becoming “SELF-REALISED”.
I’ve known several young women who do all the things listed above, AS WELL AS do some basic carpentry & car repairs and are forceful & assertive when they need to be! These women have a huge advantage over some guys I know who basically “need a mother all their lives”.
This is my view (MY blog)…but if a husband doesn’t share in the house cleaning & laundry, cook some of the meals, and help raise the kids…the marriage is at risk. SOME GUYS ARE LIKE MAGICIANS. They have succeeded in turning their wives into their mother. Maybe that’s why they looked elsewhere for their romantic fulfillment?
Dads & Moms…my thinking here is, the best thing we can do for our sons is teach them how to be fully functional, rather than to end up having to spend ½ of their life earnings on child support & alimony!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I frequently meet folks who tell me that they used to play a musical instrument (usually the guitar or piano). Most of them say that they don’t remember how to play anymore.
It’s kind of sad to put in all that time & energy just have a skill…fade away. I usually suggest to these people that they try and pick up the instrument again but there’s an old saying, “What you don’t lose” and perhaps it holds true for these former music students.

On the other hand...there are people who go through life and seem to be able to maintain their skills. These folks always seem to have a goal, and they don’t stop just because they are “getting too old”! I find these kind people a real inspiration! And hey, there’s also a saying that applies to this remarkable group of individuals,...“Refine everything in your grasp and more will be added to you”.