Monday, June 04, 2007

Many of the servers in the clubs & pubs I’ve performed at, are single moms who need to work TWO jobs to make ends meet. In some cases she is already putting in a “full day” somewhere else & then, needs to work the pub at night because her “ex”doesn’t make his child support payments.
(The kids suffer the most ‘cause they end up NOT seeing enough of either parent!)

On a couple of occasions, I’ve noticed the server suddenly go running out the door to chase a customer who’s trying to “sneak out” and not pay his bar tab. If she doesn’t catch the guy, guess who foots the bill at the end of the night?...The server! The unpaid tab comes out of her wages.

That’s pretty low of some guys, eh?! I have a lot of respect for these women in the “hospitality” industry and some of the “un-hospitable” stuff they have to put up with.