Monday, November 20, 2006

The best example I’ve seen of how the right & left brain hemispheres work, comes from Betty Edwards book, “Drawing From The Right Side Of The Brain”.
In her book there is a drawing exercise, where you can actually feel a "pull" from the left “dominance & control” side of the brain, to abandon the exercise. But if you stay with it, once the left brain relinquishes it’s control, the right side carries on with what does best...and real drawing begins.

Edwards explains that RIGHT brain thinkers tend to ignore the...“this is a waste of time” message sent out by the left brain and are able to go directly into the right-brain-creative drawing mode. Her point is that left brain thinkers CAN also be taught to ignore the “control” messages and learn to “see” and...learn to draw. Many left brain thinkers have to re-learn to use their right brain before they can learn to draw again. (We all knew how to draw as children, our "crayon-scribbles-on-the-wall" were simply acts of self expression.)

We still have to avoid the tendency of the left brain to “compare and analyze” our drawing. It doesn’t matter how good your drawing is compared to mine,.. it’s about the benefit to your “whole being” from having a right brain experience. Right brain experiences tend to linger and help us feel more complete and “in the now”, as well as leave us feeling passionate about our lives. Passionate people tend to set the bench mark for what happiness is!

Monday, November 13, 2006

From 1978-1980 I lived in Swan Hills, Alberta...working as a carpenter’s helper.
At about 2:00 a.m. one winter night I was walking home from a social event.
There was no-one around and the “northern lights” were making their best effort to attract my attention.
I stood there watching these multi-coloured lights "swirl" across the night sky as if they were “showing off” to me. As they changed into a new shape, every few seconds (colours shifting at the same pace) I remember laughing and calling out, "I can't believe this,...I can't believe this".
There was not a sound anywhere. No sirens, no honking horns. Just a stillness...and this "ballet" of spectacular lights. It was like lying in a bed while someone was changing the sheets. These “blanket-layers-of-light” gently floating over me.
I may never find words to do that moment justice. The most incredible light show I have ever seen. My own private showing!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I used to take my kids for swimming lessons on Saturday mornings at the YMCA. One Saturday (while waiting for my kids) I was "skipping rope" in the gym. I started to analyse the YMCA "logo" painted on the floor below me.
The bold capital “Y” was missing a right arm. Instead, there was an equal sided triangle, with the words “Body, Mind, Spirit” printed on it. The philosophy of the YMCA “kicked in”...a balance of body, mind and spirit!
I know people who seem to have mastered “two” of these components, but seldom all three.

There IS a time in our lives when we are “naturally” at this “point of balance”; as young children! Around the ages of 5-7, we have a large degree of mobility, enough so as to “ride a bike or climb a tree”. Furthermore, we delight in helping to “paint the fence, or make a cake” or better yet, “make a sand castle” or ANYTHING new to learn. We are in balance and enjoy a "wonder-full" vibrance and spirit. As we grow older, we tend to lose that balance!

The “yin yang” symbol is another example of balance. The ultimate goal of “tai chi” is to balance our own “yin and yang” energies. Learning tai chi at an early age helps to maintain this natural balance of body, mind and spirit. The good news is, should our lives become unbalanced...we CAN find that child-like balance again! It's never too late.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Sometimes, I feel like a 5- watt light bulb,..."hanging out" with the 60's!'s okay 'ya know, just so long as you contribute something to the glow!"

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Every time we accomplish one of our goals or a “promise to self”. I think it’s important to express gratitude, say “thank you!” to someone, or some thing.
Many of us go through life with many promises to “self”. (eg. “one day, I’m going to learn to speak french”, or “learn to play piano” or “take a trip to Singapore”). If these are really promises to self, we need to be serious about what we think! And then be like a Jedi master, “Don’t think...DO”! It doesn’t necessarily mean “do it all,”.
Try the “swiss cheese” time-management technique, by putting small holes in a big task, until it is broken down into a manageable thing. Look in the phone book for that piano teacher or travel agent. Then,...paste the phone number somewhere you will see it. Make a call, ask questions, get a brochure. Do some part of that goal or promise at least once a week! Review your progress. Visualize it’s completion !! SEE YOURSELF DOING THE GOAL!!!
If we don’t make some progress on “promises to self”, they become “lies to self”. These are the worst kind of lies!! Remember what William Shakespeare said; “To thine own self be true!”.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I believe that we live in a time that is "left-brain-insane" and we need to indulge in more creative right-brain activities to find happiness and keep our spirit alive.
We need to do more dancing, singing, drawing, writing, playing and "laughing 'til the soda pop comes out of your nose".....just like we were kids again!
Get back to your dreams. Are you doing now what you wanted to be doing when you "grew up"?....then don't grow up!
Nurture your "kid-self" while paying respect to all your other aspects.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Is snail-mail a bad thing?.....
I enjoy the benefits of technology as much as the next person, and this marvel of communicating with others from around the world in and instant, truly amazing.
But,...let us not forget how “glorious” it is to receive a hand written note or parcel via the postal service. The internet does not transmit the “energy” of emotion quite the same as a handwritten note. There is energy “literally” transferred from “hand to pen to page”!
Nor does the internet reveal beautiful handwriting, or the fragrances in the room where the note was written (such as a real “love-letter”sealed with a drop of perfume!). What about the "feel" of quality parchment or paper the letter is written on?
The thrill of finding a five dollar bill in a letter from a favourite Aunt or Uncle is hard to beat, (no matter how many pretty pictures you “attach” to an email). I still remember the excitement of mailing in two or three boxtops from my breakfast cereal and receiving some “trinket” in the mail 3-4 weeks later.

Some things are just “better” when they are slow! Tai Chi is one such example.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In the Taoist philosophy, there are no accidents! So if you're having a rough day,...and nothing seems to go as planned, maybe today is a learning day! (better sometimes to sit back & watch!)
I Didn't accomplish much my self today, but I"ll admit I was trying to "make things" go my way instead of letting the day "flow" along like the mighty "Peace River".

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Watch this space. The Jeff McCann Music site went live today, and you can always visit my Myspace site, as well.

At Jeff McCann Music you can listen to clips of music from my latest CD: Serpent on the Grass...hope you'll visit. More to come.