Monday, April 21, 2008

Tai Chi Video

Monday, January 14, 2008

10 Ways to Enjoy a Balanced Life

-Keep a journal,…track your thoughts/experiences and don't dwell on them!
(A great primer on journal keeping, is a book called “The Artists Way”, by Julia Cameron.)

-LET GO! Strive for less control and more for “going with the flow”. (There are people we are meant to “encounter” that we might otherwise miss if we always choose the “fast lane”.)

-Learn to be more nurturing,…especially if you‘re a guy! (Most women have this one mastered already!…give friends a back rub, feed the birds, choose healthy foods, volunteer, give generously of your time & money!)

-Before you speak, pass your words through the “three gates”. IS IT TRUE? IS IT KIND? IS IT NECESSARY? (A “Sufi” philosophy.)

-Take a class in Tai Chi, meditation or yoga. (These kinds of activities help “re-wire” your circuitry,…your internal hard drive. It’s best to learn from a qualified instructor, but there are some good books, DVD’s & videos available.)

-Drink more water…eat less, and limit your use of alcohol, caffeine & other stimulants. (Anyone who drinks coffee to “ward off” mid afternoon drowsiness, might be surprised to discover that one of the main causes of mid-day drowsiness is dehydration...lack of WATER. Less caffeine will make you less irritable, & easier going, better equipped to handle frustration & conflict!)

-Laugh more often! (There is proven research on the therapeutic value of laughter.)

-Sing more often! (…singing, like laughter, is another form of therapy!)

-Learn to Draw…again!! Drawing is a healthy form of self expression. (Most of us scribbled on the walls when we first discovered pencils or crayons. Sure, our parents didn't want to see us "writing on the wall" but it was normal & healthy "self expression". People who believe they can’t draw, stopped drawing at an early age, when they began to compare their work to others. Comparison is a left brain tendency, and can be a negative one at that. We should engage in activities because we enjoy them, not because we are less skilfull than someone else!)

-Learn to be a better listener, be genuinely interested in what others have to say!