Friday, May 25, 2007

I made a friend on a recent “road trip” to Fort McMurray, Alberta. Shaun works as an electrician for Syncrude, one of the big oil companies situated there.

Shaun told me about the year he was an unemployed electrician so he worked part-time as a roadie loading equipment on & off stage at Max Bell Arena in Calgary. One day while hauling gear, he noticed sparks flying from the electrical circuit board. Some “jack of all trades” roadie was trying to “wire into” the power supply. Shaun was able to convince the makeshift electrician to hold off and then approached the arena management with an ultimatum. After proving his qualifications he demanded that they pay the “going rate” to have HIM do the wiring or he would call the Fire Marshall and the concert would be shut down.

After some hesitation from the management Shaun got his fee. He was then hired on as an electrician by one of the bands performing that evening.

I hear a lot of stories from folks I meet on the road, but I have no doubt that Shaun’s story is true. I casually mentioned that one of my stage lights was broken & he insisted on repairing it!

So Shaun this blog is dedicated to you! Thanks for fixing my stage light & hope to see you again next time I’m in Fort McMurray!!