Sunday, October 29, 2006

Is snail-mail a bad thing?.....
I enjoy the benefits of technology as much as the next person, and this marvel of communicating with others from around the world in and instant, truly amazing.
But,...let us not forget how “glorious” it is to receive a hand written note or parcel via the postal service. The internet does not transmit the “energy” of emotion quite the same as a handwritten note. There is energy “literally” transferred from “hand to pen to page”!
Nor does the internet reveal beautiful handwriting, or the fragrances in the room where the note was written (such as a real “love-letter”sealed with a drop of perfume!). What about the "feel" of quality parchment or paper the letter is written on?
The thrill of finding a five dollar bill in a letter from a favourite Aunt or Uncle is hard to beat, (no matter how many pretty pictures you “attach” to an email). I still remember the excitement of mailing in two or three boxtops from my breakfast cereal and receiving some “trinket” in the mail 3-4 weeks later.

Some things are just “better” when they are slow! Tai Chi is one such example.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In the Taoist philosophy, there are no accidents! So if you're having a rough day,...and nothing seems to go as planned, maybe today is a learning day! (better sometimes to sit back & watch!)
I Didn't accomplish much my self today, but I"ll admit I was trying to "make things" go my way instead of letting the day "flow" along like the mighty "Peace River".

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Watch this space. The Jeff McCann Music site went live today, and you can always visit my Myspace site, as well.

At Jeff McCann Music you can listen to clips of music from my latest CD: Serpent on the Grass...hope you'll visit. More to come.