Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Paul Lovejoy (July 27, 1952 - August 4, 2007)
I lost a good friend this past week-end.
Paul Lovejoy, was a friend as well as a mentor for me.

He had a remarkable memory for song lyrics. Paul was always top of my list to call as a sideman for any gigs that came up. Not only was he an outstanding vocalist and back-up singer, he was also one of my favourite drummers to work with. You could always put a song list together very quickly because Paul seemed to know almost every song that was worth playing...AND not only did he know the lyrics, but he could sing lead OR back-up if you needed him to.

Most importantly, Paul had a real “zest for life” and an incredible sense of humour. He excelled in being able to laugh at himself! Many of the “one liners” that I still use on a regular basis came from Paul. It wasn’t stand-up comedy because it usually came while he was seated at his drum throne.

Paul Lovejoy, you touched a lot of people’s lives and you will be sadly missed!

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