Saturday, July 07, 2007

I got back from Calgary last night around midnight. Whew,...what a long drive!

After a week-end gig at the Strathmore Hotel (a BIG "thank you" to those of you that drove at least 30 minutes from your respective homes, to come & hear me perform.) I spent some time hanging out with lots of my old “good” friends, met one of my T.V. heros from when I was a teen-ager growing up (Cliff Kadatz), had a great work-out at the Eau Claire YMCA (thanks to my brother Randy and thanks to Lana from “memberships”) and I even caught a sneak preview of the 2007 Calgary Stampede.

It was great to have a few days off but now,...I’m really looking forward to gettin’ back to work! I’ve got some new equipment to try out & “adjust” and then I’ll be heading off to the Black Horse Pub in Fort McMurray, July 12, 13 & 14.

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