Friday, January 12, 2007

Motivation vs. Inspiration
I once read about a car dealership that every month, would fire the sales-person with the lowest sales. This is known as “motivation” by fear...and is not a form of empowerment. It really only benefits the owner of the car dealership, and undermines staff morale to have his sales people fighting to stay on top. Fighting like rats in a cage!

Conversely, when Ghandi began his famous “salt march”, people at every village he stopped at, were “inspired” to join him in his mission. The word inspiration implies “invoking spirit” and it empowers us from our core!
We serve one another more performing acts which “inspire”, rather than “motivating” others to get what we want!


Ron said...

Well, it's not quite as harsh as it sounds. The story (right from the horse's mouth) is at the bottom of this page.

I'm not saying you don't have a good point, though, because you do.

Jeff McCann said...

I think the 'old guy might be "back-pedalling" a bit. The story came from his book (which I read portions of). Obviously, he got some bad press over it and feels the need to defend himself!
My take on it is, he's taking inventory of his life...& feeling a tad guilty.
When I was working in the marketing department of the "bank". I had occasion to deal with one of his other companies. A salesmen I spoke with told about some other "tactics" the old guy was still using to keep everyone on their toes.
Hey, maybe we can chat about it over turn to buy!